Floating Shelves

Are you looking for simplicity? If you’re a believer in less is more, then floating shelves are for you! They are all the rave. They can be live edge, or squared off. Dark, or light in finish. The wood options are vast, the more popular options are Oak, or Walnut. Either way, they are aContinue reading “Floating Shelves”


Updating the flooring in your space can certainly change the look. Whether its laminate, tile, carpet, luxury vinyl tile, or wood, we have you covered. Prime Time General Contracting can help with the installation, or resurfacing of your flooring. Reach out to see what works best for your space.


While Marble, Granite, and quartz are nice. They aren’t applicable for all applications. We have options from natural stone, to butcher’s block, to Corian like products. Prime Time General Contracting can assist in the removal of old counters, and pre for new counter installation. We can also help with the calking, and sealing of existingContinue reading “Countertops”

Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning, monthly, or weekly Rentals Moveouts Make Ready’s Commercial Cleaning, monthly, weekly, or daily Hotel Cleaning Resort Cleaning Office Cleaning Club house Cleaning One Time Clean Outs New Construction Cleaning Remodel Construction Cleaning One Time Deep Cleaning

Cutting Board Care Instructions

DO Washing: prior to first use, and after each use, wash with soft dish soap, and a damp rag to clean, and wipe down. Drying: immediately dry after washing utilizing a soft towel, and then air dry standing up, or on a raised rack, allowing air to flow. Maintaining: wax the board monthly, or wheneverContinue reading “Cutting Board Care Instructions”


Regardless of the siding type: Vinyl, LP, Hardie Board, Composite, Natural Wood, Manufactured Wood, Metal, Fiber Cement, Brick, or Stone Veneer, our team of licensed installers can repair or replace your siding. We can also offer pressure washing & paint to keep your siding looking like new.